Mechanical Estimating Engineer

Job Details
1 Receive tender documents from HOD.
2 Preliminary Engineering design; if required.
3 Attend pretender meeting/site visits; if required.
4 Study tender specification and drawing and request clarifications from the client/consultant if discrepancies are found.
5 Take off quantity from tender drawing.
6 Send enquiries to suppliers/manufacturers and specialist subcontractors for various equipment; materials and systems.
7 Technical and commercial evaluation of quotations received from
suppliers/manufacturers and specialist subcontractors.
8 Prepare comparison statement of quotation received.
9 Estimation of material cost; labour hours; sub contract works; plant & machinery.
10 Review tender with HOD.
11 Preparation of final BOQ for
submission to client/consultant/main contractors.
12 Assist HOD to prepare contract files if job is awarded. Should have
experience in tendering MEP
Job Location: Qatar
Experience: (3 – 5) Years.
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